I think I just broke my neck in that jump cut...
MST3K Bad Editing Riffs


As a film editor I feel it is my duty to list
here all the MST3K bad editing riffs.


I think I just broke my neck in that jump cut.
Mike, Red Zone Cuba

He's hitting him with jump cuts!
Mike, Terror From the Year 5000!

I guess the editor got called out of the room a lot.
(as the film quickly goes back & forth from Melissa to Jody with horrible timing)
Crow, Touch of Satan

Speaking of deep cuts, does this scene really need to be in the movie?
(after Natalie says to Paul: "That's not a scratch, it's a deep cut.")
Crow, Werewolf

So when you edit it, it will look like I stabbed him right?
(after Jean-Claude Gosh Darn stabs pure air instead of the dinosaur he's "aiming" for)
Mike, Future War

Let's get in the shot before the jump cut occurs.
Mike, The Screaming Skull

Cut to 2! Cut to camera 2!
(during a 5 hour shot of Hamlet yakking to the ghost...whom we never see)
Mike, Hamlet

Cut to the ghost! Cut to the ghost!
(during a 5 hour shot of Hamlet yakking to the ghost...whom we never see)
Servo, Hamlet


At least its poor editing covers how badly it was shot.
Crow, Devil Fish

Just because you can edit doesn't mean you should.
Servo, Devil Fish

It's a better edited movie than Batman & Robin.
Crow, Devil Fish


(These 3 riffs are after my most favorite bad editing shot when Buz suddenly appears
sitting in the booth when he was not there seconds before)

I'm back!
Servo, Girl in Gold Boots

Anybody notice that I'm here now?
Mike, Girl in Gold Boots

C'mon! I just teleported here! It's impressive!
Crow, Girl in Gold Boots


And the editor comes to the writer's rescue.
Servo, The Space Children

Stop cutting!!!
(to Sam, to Buffalo, to Sam to Buffalo, back forth back forth forth back faster faster...AHHHH!)
Servo, Riding With Death

Watch out for the editing!
(as our heroine gets "stabbed" and "falls")
Mike, Deathstalker & the Warriors From Hell

I think she just got edited to the ground.
(as our other heroine "falls" from her horse)
Servo, Deathstalker & the Warriors from Hell

Why you clever bastard! So the editor's working with you?!
(after Deathstalker miraculously appears in a doorway during a fight)

Mike, Deathstalker & the Warriors From Hell

I think the editing philosophy of this movie was 'don't stay on anything
too long, it doesn't look good enough'.

Mike, Gorgo

Passed from editor to editor in a desperate attempt to save it!
(during the many editor names in the opening credits)
Mike, Space Mutiny

Well, grips the interest of one disturbed editor.
(during many newspaper images that claim some murders are "gripping the interest" of the public)
Servo, The She Creature

This movie must have had the hell edited out of it!
(during the many many editor names listed in the opening credits)
Servo, Horror of Party Beach

You see it doesn't matter how slow I go, I'll catch him -- my son's the editor.
Crow, Outlaw

Home movies are more tightly edited than this.
Servo, Laserblast


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