The most frustrating thing on the Internet is clicking on a link and having it say it doesn't exist anymore.

Unfortunately, this happens about 3/4 of the time when clicking on a link for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I check these links every so often and these web pages still exist. That doesn't mean they've

been updated recently or even have anything aboutthe last 3 seasons even

existing, but they're there and still fun to browse.

Enjoy, and support your local MSTie...won't you?

Still the best place to go for Misties! All the interesting info on what the Brains are doing now, constantly updated, neat trivia, and great links (not all exist anymore but it's worth it to weed through them to find the existing sites!)
Mst3k Booyaka
What a great site! Lots of stored info and
TONS of pics to download. I love this place!!!
Specializes in "fan copies" of mistake episodes not available commercially as well as all the regular ones too. Gary's a great guy, very friendly & very fair. My tapes were of exceptional quality
& whenever I need another episode I'm going to him!
CyberSpace Theater 3000
Seems to be updated pretty great links, a lot of which are new and still exist. Very nicely put together with a search and everything!
The AV MST Website
This page is updated regularly! New stuff,
great stuff, lots of stuff! Check it out now!
Area 51's MST3K
Sound Vault!

He's got great sounds here...lots of good ones
from episodes that haven't made the rounds
on the Internet before. Put together well!
Cheepnis MST3K

A great guy with very fair trades/buys! I got some from him and they were fan-tas-tic! He has just about every ep. He also collects skulls and since I like skulls too, I think that's pretty cool...
Deus Ex Machina
The old standby. In its heyday was the epicenter
of all links Mistie. Nothing new has been added in ages and 3/4 of the links are to vanished sites. There is still some good links though...
have patience and click away...

The Puma Man
Sound Gallery

This is a cool site. New stuff, new sounds, and
he's starting to put in video clips I believe.

Mst3K Sounds Archive
A great assortment of sounds. Most sounds
are the ones you find all over the Internet but
this a good place to find them stored
all together.
A great site that is still updated. Great sounds,
links, info, everything! Tons of stuff!
Also home to my personal fave:
The Golden Torgo Award.
Go now!
Lisa's MST3K Sounds

Some great sounds...don't think
there is much else though.
Very well put together. Has lots of stuff
to surf through & old archives.
Bob's Pop Culture Place

Some great stuff...the
Crow de Guerre award for MST
Merit is given out from this site!
Fun place!

MST3K downloads including pictures,
video clips, the movie trailer and the
love theme from the TV series. There is also an episode listing.
Cari's MST3K Shrine

I think still updated sometimes...
lots of stuff to look at!
Joe Crow

I believe still updated...still has
archives & stuff too.

Crow's Byte Me Page

I think they're still adding stuff to the stuff to look at too!
MST3K Fan Gala

Has Caption This!, a newsletter,
a link exchange...

KoobiFora: Home of
I honestly don't know if the MST-O-MATIC
is still updated but it's really cool! It displays different quotes from episodes of MST3K!
Really cool idea.

Mystery Fandom
Theater 3000

I'm pretty sure this site is still going strong and adding new stuff. A fun place to go & nicely done.

Don3K's Picture This Quote!

He adds new pics from any given
episode regularly. Fun and updated.

A fan site with all the regulars
but also has a very cool domain name!!!
The MST3K Sound Place

I believe a fairly new site with lots o' sounds.
I think he also holds chats on Saturdays after MST3K is over on Sci-Fi Channel.
Updated regularly!
Mystery Ardie
Theater 3000

Don't think this one is updated anymore but she has sounds from all the last season eps which is pretty cool! Also got pics from the last
3 seasons. Great place!
MSTies Anonymous
Has great stuff! Very well put together &
detailed. Fun to look around! A great site!
Sci-Fi Channel Web Site
Even though I truly loathe the Sci-fi Channel for canceling the best show they ever aired (and which cost them nothing compared to their original crap programming) I put their link here because there is lots of stored MST3K stuff & the show schedule.
All Movie Guide
I found tons of info for my
"Time-out With Torgo" page here. It must
have records on every movie ever made
because I found a ton of the MST3K
movies in their database.
Internet Movie Database

Also a good source of info. Where else
can you find a complete cast list for
"Hobgoblins" and links for all the actors
whether they've done anything else or not?

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