Was there ever a more brilliant show than Mystery Science Theater 3000?
No, I think not. Yet it was canceled; canceled as if it was just
another slipshod assembly line Hollywood crapfest.
You know, when you really think about it though,
MST3K had to be canceled! They needed to make room for
"Survivor" and another 40,000 episodes of "Fear Factor".
And if they hadn't canceled MST3K? Then when, I ask you, could
Sci Fi Channel air "Shark Attack 3" or "DinoCroc" for
the 100,000th time? See, you guys never look at the big picture.
Life without daily airings of "DinoCroc"?
It just wouldn't be worth living.

This site is mostly on the Sci Fi era, as well as some spotlights on some oft overlooked (and usually deservedly so) characters & actors (from all the seasons).

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