All right, what I did here is take all the info the Brains' themselves wrote on each episode for

the Sci Fi Channel web site and I did my own lay-out style of each one. I downloaded the pics

from the Sci Fi Channel web site as well. Then I added some of my favorite quotes from each episode.

I think they came out pretty cool (I even made my own little "Colossal Episode Guide 2" book).

So enjoy and laugh as heartily as I have by the Brains' hilarious comments, observations, and remembrance's.

Amazing Season 8

#801: The Revenge of
the Creature

#802: Leech Woman

#803: The Mole People

#804: The Deadly Mantis

#805: The Thing That Couldn't Die

#806: The Undead

#807: Terror from
the Year 5000!

#808: The She Creature

#809: I Was a Teenage Werewolf

#810: Giant Spider Invasion

#811: parts: the clonus horror

#812: The Incredibly Strange
Creatures Who Stopped Living
& Became Mixed-Up Zombies

#813: Jack Frost

#814: Riding with Death

#815: Agent for H.A.R.M.

#816: Prince of Space

#817: Horror of Party Beach

#818: Devil Doll

#819: Invasion of Neptune Men

#820: Space Mutiny

#821: Time Chasers

#822: Overdrawn at the
Memory Bank

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Amazing Season 9

#901: The Projected Man

#902: Phantom Planet

#903: Puma Man

#904: Werewolf

#905: The Deadly Bees

#906: The Space Children
with the short: Century 21 Calling

#907: Hobgoblins

#908: The Touch of Satan

#909: Gorgo

#910: The Final Sacrifice

#911: Devil Fish

#912: The Screaming Skull
with the short: Robot Rumpus

#913: Quest of the Delta Knights
Amazing Season 10

#1001: Soultaker

#1002: Girl In Gold Boots

#1003: Merlins Magical Shop of Mystical Wonders

#1004: Future War

#1005: Bloodwaters
of Dr. Z

#1006: Boggy Creek II -
And The Legend Continues

#1007: Track of the
Moon Beast

#1008: Final Justice

#1009: Hamlet

#1010: It Lives By Night

#1011: Horrors of
Spider Island

#1012: Squirm
with the short: A Case of Spring Fever

#1013: Danger Diabolik


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Incredibly Strange Creatures..., and you would like to donate one to my site,
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Although I copied & pasted what the Brain's wrote on the Sci-Fi Channel site and did little nifty
lay-outs of each episode, I am in no way affiliated with Best Brains, Sci-Fi Channel, etc. I did this all purely for entertainment purposes and I don't make a single penny off anything I've done. If the Brain's had wrote a book and released it I would never have put it up on my site as that would be taking moneyfrom them by letting others read the book by not paying for it. These guides are on my site in the purest form of flattery and I wish to offend no one by putting them here. None of the Brain's endorsemy site and I don't wish to portray that thought in any way whatsoever. None of this material was personally written or given to me. It's all on the Sci-Fi Channel site for all to see & read. Again, go to the Sci-Fi Channel site and check out the episode guides there as well!


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